100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Wholesome Good, we guarantee every product we share.

Received a damaged or spoiled product? We promise to make it right at no cost to you. Please follow these steps if you encounter any issues with your shipment:

• If you are unhappy with any of our products, please notify us within 30 days and we will replace the item or issue you a store credit for the full amount.

• If you receive any damaged product, please send any pictures and a brief description within 24 hours of receiving your order to help@wholesome-good.com.

• Interested in exchanging your goodies with another product? You only need to pay if there's a price difference between products.

• Special order items as well as select orders may incur a 35% restocking fee upon product return.

Please note the products we provide are subject to change.

While we make our best effort to keep item availability on the website up to date, certain products that appear on the website may be out of stock. In the case an order is placed and we are out of stock we will contact you about the unavailability shortly after the order is placed, and work out an alternative solution or refund the payment.

If you have any questions about our products or encounter any issues with your order, please contact us at help@wholesome-good.com